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There are three McCartneys that I believe can be considered household names, and two of them are related: Paul, Stella, and Jesse. Sir Paul needs very little introduction. Stella McCartney, his daughter, is an internationally recognized designer. Jesse McCartney might not be a part of the English McCartney legacy, but he has been building his very own right here in America since the early s. The pop singer-songwriter is not just pretty face with an amazing voice. Jesse has almost 70 acting credits to his name, stemming from guest spots on Disney Channel shows to voicing Theodore in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie franchise to playing a murderer on Fear the Walking Dead. This McCartney has seen it all. I got to speak with the kindhearted, talented musician recently and see just what exactly he has been doing and what he has up his sleeve for the rest of

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Jesse was part of the American pop boy band called the Dream Street. While the year-old is yet to be married, the gay rumors surrounding him come as hilarious. However, his days of dating beautiful ladies have already ended but not because he is gay. Jesse and Katie are one of the most adorable pair in the 21st century. As of , the happy pair took the next step into their life.

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In , posters of Jesse McCartney adorned the walls of teenage girls around the globe. At the time, the then year-old was so popular, he was mowed down by hordes of screaming fans during a mall meet-and-greet appearance. Post continues below. Now 32 years old, the singer and actor is set to return to Australian shores in April for So Pop Festival. I need to know if anyone else distinctly remembers these two bands because was lit as hell because of them. All my love — J. The series followed clothing designer Ava Gregory Lori Loughlin as she raised her niece and nephews after their parents passed away.

McCartney’s most recent album, In Technicolor , was released five years ago in I did a lot of like learning how to cook, learning how to barbecue, learning how to be a grill-master. In fact, 15 years later, the singer, who has , Instagram followers, is still selling out tours. I really do,” he added. In September, however, the year-old joined the likes of the Jonas Brothers, Chad Michael Murrary and our other childhood crushes who are now married when he proposed to his girlfriend Katie Peterson.

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Jesse McCartney is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. He rose to fame in the late s Katie Peterson. They have dated for six years now. – Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games as Fleet – The.

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The past two years have been busy for Jesse McCartney. Along with releasing his first new music since , he got engaged to his longtime girlfriend , Katie Peterson, in September. But to kick off his next chapter, McCartney is looking back on his entire career of nearly 20 years. It represents some of the other music very well. Making this project, more than anything, was very stress-free.

The couple has been dating since

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They got engaged on September 13, , just a ahead of their seven-year anniversary. She is the daughter of hairstylist Vidal Sassoon and Beverly Sassoon. Age:

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Jesse McCartney Girlfriend, Wife, Gay, Parents The former lover boy has been commited to a single lady for more than seven years now. in a Television Series and Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game

Still, most of the people who have spent that time period at the same job are well on their way to retirement. At 31, McCartney has been in the entertainment industry for the majority of his life. I talked to McCartney last week after a break. Not the big two year break, but a shorter one in which he took his girlfriend skiing.

Excited to be back on the horse, as they say. From talking to him, it sounds like his long break was a needed reprieve for McCartney after a lifetime in music. After the release of his album In Technicolor , McCartney took some time for himself. More specifically, a songwriting camp for country music.

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New York born Jesse McCartney is a singer, songwriter, and actor. Later he joined boy band Dream Street, and after sometime he branched out into a solo musical career. He is 32 years old as of When he was seven years old he began performing in local community musicals, before joining the national tour of The King and I at age ten along with Phil of the Future star Ricky Ullman. There Jesse played the character of Louis.

Things Are Always Better with Jesse McCartney a much-deserved four-year hiatus after releasing his last album in , In Technicolor. He took that time to spend quality time with his girlfriend, Katie Peterson, and especially now with this project I didn’t really know how the fans would react being away.

In the intervening years since his independently-released fourth album, In Technicolor, the singer appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, including Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip and Fear The Walking Dead while prepping his return to music and his fifth studio album. Today you can get an exclusive preview of the music video, thanks to papermagazine! Find the video and my thoughts on the song, barbecue, and becoming an independent artist right here!

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The year-old singer arrived at the gala event with girlfriend Katie Peterson , where they honored internationally known abolitionists for their outstanding efforts to end modern-day slavery with Selena Gomez , Austin North and more. The year-old singer did a quick interview and then sang some songs for lucky winners who were in attendance. Cooper gets swoon points from flying all the way back from China and gifting Gabi with a first edition Julia Child cookbook we repeat a first edition — and it was signed!

So proud of this cast and everyone involved!! Now Gabi is determined to make things right between them, leading to a different kind of spark between her and Cooper. Meanwhile, Elliot Rex Lee and Yolanda Kym Whitley each scheme to be the first person to try out the fancy new bathtub Josh had installed. The year-old singer performed at the event, and was joined by Renee Olstead as well as Debby Ryan and her boyfriend Josh Dun.

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