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Mason’s history

Factory Marks. I began. Its decorative quality and naive charm are admired by all. Many of the designs and colours. Imperfections such as paint runs,handles askew, all add to.

This ceramic collection traces the involvement of Miles Mason, the founder of Mason’s Ironstone China, and his successors, in the production of ceramics in.

Location of Tigris-Euphrates basin. Nippur, Iraq. Ceramics from Godin Tepe, western Iran. Thin-section of ceramics from Euphrates width of field 1 mm. Robert B. Tigris-Euphrates Ceramics Trade, industry and technology in ancient Mesopotamia The issue of concern in this study is the development of industry, trade and technology from their very beginnings and well into periods of full development, with the ultimate objective as the fuller understanding of these phenomena.

The focus region of this study is that of Mesopotamia, one of the earliest regions to develop these attributes, and where in the medieval period we see one of the world’s foremost centres of their expression. The specific industry that is considered is that of pottery-production. There are two main reasons why pottery ceramics is important. Firstly, because clay is easy to shape and decorate, pottery always reflects contemporary tastes and cultural ideals.

Different shapes and decorations were used at different times, by different people, and for different purposes.

The curious history of the kitchen mixing bowl

Two more confusing new marks have been found on reproductions of 19th century ceramics. The new marks are applied in dark blue transfer. ACRN found the crown mark on biscuit jars decorated in Mason’s “Japan” style decoration and the ribbon mark on a toast rack with chintz styled decoration. Like other confusing new marks, these two recent additions can be expected to show up on a wide variety of 19th century copies.

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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A similar pair of large Mason’s Ironstone Imari tankards, 19th century, circa , each of generous proportions, decorated in Japanese Imari inspired patterns, flanked by a dolphin handle.

Impressed marks to base. Each 14 cm high, A pair of Mason’s Ironstone Oriental style vases, early 20th century, post mark, of ovoid form, one yellow, the other orange, with identical decoration…. Early Masons ironstone ‘Imari’ pattern plate c Vintage Masons ‘Applique’ ceramic vase iron red and cobalt blue floral decoration, height Eight pieces of Masons Ironstone china Show 1 more like this.

Victorian Masons ironstone footed bowl floral decoration, gilded mask head handles, circa , height 9 cm.

Antique Mason Ceramics

Under-glaze, transfer printed blue and white ware was, and still is, a staple product of the UK pottery industry. The pattern has a fascinating history. Its origins, however are even older and tradition has it that the pattern was brought to Europe from China or Japan at some time in the late 18 th Century. Frantz Heinrich Muller first produced the pattern at his pottery in Copenhagen at some time between and After establishing his pottery he travelled to Germany and recruited skilled workers from the Meissen factories.

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Q: I bought two bowls at a Marin County antiques shop. The way they nest I think it was a set of three originally. Does this lessen the value? Like the better-known Staffordshire, neighboring Derbyshire was home to a number of potteries dating to the 18th century. Beginning about , Mason pottery made household goods, as did fellow Derbyshire Watt and Cash.

Mason Cash has produced these cane-patterned bowls almost without change since The zig-zagged rim and the textured exterior of the bowl provide solid one-handed grip and the narrow foot provides stability. Mason Cash currently make these bowls in 10 sizes ranging in diameter from 12 to 35 centimeters, so I suppose having two rather than three nesting bowls does not lessen the value. You can buy these bowls new for about the same price.

Q: My grandmother lived in Denmark in the s and bought furniture there. Can you tell me anything about the chairs and the value? By the s, however, technical progress had made production of multiples financially viable. However, it does not indicate when Juhl designed them. With antiques and so many other things, the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.

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All of upcoming concerts in Ian incumbent and motor cars. Want to become the home.

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Over the past hundred years or so, almost every object in the domestic kitchen has been adapted to changing needs and fashions of society. But there is one object that is almost unchanged since it was first made over a century ago. Not just any mixing bowl — but THE mixing bowl, the one that almost every house in the country has. The one that appears on every cookery programme and in every photograph of a modern kitchen.

Yes, that generic mixing bowl in a familiar cream colour with a bit of a pattern around the outside that almost everyone owns is not just some random object churned out in their millions in some dusty part of China, but is a year old design classic, and is still made by the same English pottery company. Although the company itself still has factories in England, sadly production of the mixing bowls themselves moved to an unnamed Western European country recently and over the years different people have owned the company — but wonderfully, it is still the same firm, and the same unchanged mixing bowl design.

For a company that has been around for years , and has managed to infiltrate practically every kitchen in the land, it has proven surprisingly difficult to find out much about. Not much changed for another hundred years until the company was sold in , and again in to its current owners, The Rayware Group. The company has struggled at times, and the only newspaper report I could find was in The Times in October , when the company was facing a sharp decline in sales and called in a marketing expert to help.

I looked in some shops, and those that sold mixing bowls, only sold Mason Cash bowls — not just the big classic mixing bowl, but often pudding bowls — and the company is almost as famous for its pet bowls. Have a look in your kitchen — if there is a earthenware mixing bowl in there, the chances are that on the bottom will be stamped the name of Mason Cash. But had you ever opened a cupboard and thought — ahh, the Mason Cash bowl? So, here is a company that has somehow managed to carry on producing an overtly basic product — the earthenware bowl, with minimal branding and yet defied all the conventional thinking you would learn in a modern business school.

And yet, somehow, the branding is there, in collective memories of children licking the cake mix out of the bowl when mum was baking.

Ironstone china

Soup plate of earthenware transfer-printed in blue. Printed with a Japanese pattern of shaped compartments enclosing birds, lions, flowering plants and chrysanthemum rosettes. Please confirm you are using these images within the following terms and conditions , by acknowledging each of the following key points:.

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This ceramic collection traces the involvement of Miles Mason, the founder of Mason’s Ironstone China, and his successors, in the production of ceramics in Staffordshire. Miles Mason married an heiress; the daughter of Richard Farrar who had established a successful retail business selling imported Oriental porcelain at , Fenchurch St. Mason continued this business, but after , when the East India Company ceased the bulk importation of Oriental porcelain, he began to manufacture his own wares.

The ceramic ventures were terminated in and by Mason had relinquished his retail business. About Miles Mason began porcelain production on his own account at works in Lane Delph.

Set your table on a high note with cool-yet-elevated stoneware. A subtle reactive glaze gives the Mason Dinnerware Collection its artisanal look and.

A few more unknowns from the archives: 90 Platter marked BW 97 91 I Narelle here and new to this or any other online group – although I do He has also coached rowing, rugby, and more recently basketball and volleyball at Scotch. When he was at teachers college in he took a pottery elective and that was where his passion for clay began. During that period he rediscovered his interest in the Raku firing process. In , he completed an Applied Arts Degree at Monash with a ceramics major.

More recently Mark has started to explore a different firing technique — naked Raku — which is characterised by strong ghostly crackle patterns being transferred to a burnished clay surface through a glaze mask applied over a barrier layer of slip. Mark has kindly provided photos of more examples of his work. Raku takes on a whole different dimension with the 2nd pot Originally posted 76 months ago. Wow indeed! Love those : Wyvern 76 months ago permalink.

Love the 2nd one the most – so nice to see when someone is passionate about what they do. I can see that second one sat in my cabinet, Beautiful, Colin 76 months ago permalink.

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